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A Caution About Big Evangelical Churches and Popular Ministers

Author Dan Pink, in an Intelligence Squared podcast (about something completely different from church-related stuff), responded to a question at the end of his presentation with this:

“Power ends up corrupting people’s ability to see another person’s perspective…. The more power someone has, the less acute their perspective-taking skills are. If you look at high-status people in organizations, in general, high-status people in society, they’re not very good at taking other people’s perspective.”

Sneakiness is a characteristic of authoritarian churches: Mark Driscoll’s unannounced ‘stealth sermons’

As Warren Throckmorton recently noted:

“Mark Driscoll’s last two appearances in church were stealth sermons. At Thrive, he spoke in a main session but wasn’t on the program. Gold Creek Community Church leaders would not disclose Driscoll’s identity as guest speaker in advance.”

Secrecy of that sort has no place in any healthy organization.

Call it what it is: deception.

That’s why I cannot and will not trust anything Thrive or Gold Creek Community Church leaders say or do, past, present, or future, until they clearly identify and apologize for their mistake of sneaking a wolf into the fold.

And you should not trust Thrive or Gold Creek Community Church leaders, either.

Be smarter. Do not trust people just because they hold Bibles and have big congregations.