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Google ad: ‘Cults — Browse a huge selection now’

In Google ads, sometimes a keyword — any keyword — from a given Web page will be automatically plugged into an advertisement. Here are two cells from a Google ad I saw today, copied from a page with anti-cult information:   

  • Cults

    Browse a huge selection now. Find exactly what you want today.
  • Cult

    Everything to do with Cult items.
  • NCAA basketball and the book of Ecclesiastes

    I was shooting baskets in the driveway when the ball went half way into the hoop and bounced three or four times within the rim before popping out. No bucket.

    That made me wonder about the reliability of preparation, despite my belief that one must always prepare.

    It seemed preparation is an essential part of what is necessary to succeed.

    Yet only part.

    The wise man in Ecclesiastes said “speed does not win the race nor strength the battle…time and chance govern all” (New English Bible).

    Time and chance are inevitable factors in the NCAA tournament.

    Bet accordingly.

    -Colin Foote Burch

    My daughter’s new t-shirt


    Have you seen our parent site? Check out

    Reformation Polka!

    Hey folks, it’s Reformation Day!

    That’s right — Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Wittenburg church door on Oct. 31, 1517.

    Long before Hallmark and Hersheys turned subsequent October Thirty-Firsts into something about black cats and pumpkins.

    Long after it was acceptable to sacrifice people in celebration of Samhain.

    Why not celebrate with this polka: 

    Scripture Rewrites for Our Times, No. 2

    Today’s Scripture Rewrite for Our Times originates in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 5, verse 20.

    “Unless your political incorrectness exceeds that of David Duke and Warren Jeffs, there is no way you will be invited to speak at Columbia University.”

    Scripture Rewrites for Our Times

    Today’s inaugural installment of Scripture Rewrites for Our Times originates in The Gospel of Matthew, chapter 22, verse 37:

    “Love the Lord your God with all your genetic predispositions, all your biochemical imbalances, and your entire Meyers-Briggs assessment.”

    What Episcopal Seminaries Need. Now.

    You’ve got to see this YouTube clip:  meet The Formationator.

    I’ve added it to the homepage; you might have to scroll to the right if you have a narrow screeen. Click .