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Everything explained by love

“There is no room in the conception of a Christian praxis for self-sufficiency. This already implicates us in a different construal of ‘freedom’ than that operating in notions of the liberal secular subject. In fact, what characterizes this Christian agent is the surrender, the sacrifice, noted by Paul, such that he or she is bound by what Augustine called a vinculum caritatis – a bond of love. De Lubac clarifies the operation of this love within the Christian, when he writes: ‘The relationship between man and God can never be conceived as being fundamentally governed by any natural law, or any necessity of any kind interior or exterior. In the gift of himself that God wills to make, everything is explained – in so far as it can be explained – by love, everything, hence including the consequent ‘desire’ in our nature, in whatever way we understand that desire.’”

Graham Ward, in Liturgy, Time, and the Politics of Redemption (2006), edited by Randi Rashkover and C.C. Pecknold

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