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Student Modes of Attaching Pages

Least Favorite: Dog-Ear

Most Creative: Tiny Clothespin 

Most Practical: Staple

Most Versatile: Large Paperclip


5 Books Before College: Dan Golden’s list

Dan Golden is an editorial writer for The Sun News in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

To Kill a Mockingbird — Harper Lee

Mere Christianity — C.S. Lewis

Slaughterhouse Five — Kurt Vonnegut

Huckleberry Finn — Mark Twain

The Story of Civilization — Will & Ariel Durant

Also see Colin Burch’s 5 Books Before College and Charles Twombly’s 5 Books Before College.

5 Books Before College: Charles Twombly’s list

Charles Twombly is a former professor of philosophy and religion at Wesleyan College in Macon, Ga.

1. Alan Paton — Cry, The Beloved Country

2. Lillian Smith — Killers of the Dream

3. Alexis de Toqueville — Democracy in America (selections)

4. William Barrett — Irrational Man

5. Marilynne Robinson — [something by this author, fiction or essays]

New book offers first critical biography of C.S. Lewis’ friend Ruth Pitter, first woman to win Queen’s poetry award

LiturgicalCredo.com has posted an interview with Don W. King, author of Hunting the Unicorn: A Critical Biography of Ruth Pitter (Kent State University Press). The book is due in May.

In 1955, English poet Ruth Pitter became the first woman to receive the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry. She had previously won two other major poetry awards.

Pitter was admired by W.B. Yeats and C.S. Lewis, as well as other members of the Inklings.

Don W. King discovered references to letters between Lewis and Pitter while he was doing research for his 2001 book, C.S. Lewis, Poet: The Legacy of His Poetic Impulse (Kent State University Press). After that, he continued to research Pitter, and the result was Hunting the Unicorn.

You’ll find the interview prominently displayed on our home page.

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Colin Foote Burch