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Each argumentative point drawn from experience has an experiential counterpoint.


Zealous leader, the more you try to save us from ourselves, the more we need to be saved from you.

Facts and Doubts

I have doubts based upon indisputable facts, but I do not have indisputable doubts.

Submit to this question!

How can you submit to an authority before you evaluate that authority?

If a religious authority claims to be flawed and broken and sinful, evaluate the extent and nature of his influence and control.

If an academic authority claims to have the best answer on an issue, ask him about the best points his opponents make.

South Park Eric Cartman

That feeling when… (self-concept versus self-knowledge)

Sometimes, the self-concept doesn’t know what the self has been doing. 

The solution disagreement

Sure, we all agree we have a problem. We just don’t all agree we have a solution.
(drawn from Thomas Sowell’s ideas)

The greased path

Everyone’s a hypocrite because everyone slips on the greased path to the mountaintop of his own ideals. The greater each ideal, the greater each slip.