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Happy New Year — Does Even God Know the Future?

Happy New Year! Does God know the future? Physicist, theologian, and Anglican priest John Polkinghorne thinks He might not. In the following short video excerpt of a longer interview for Closer to the Truth, Polkinghorne talks about the classical Christian view held by Augustine and Aquinas, and then offers his alternative point of view.

While we’re at it, why not listen to Polkinghorne define “time” for a different interview with Closer to the Truth? Here he also touches on theology and God’s knowledge of the future:


Apologetic From The Earth


Aquinas Wines: A good wine for a great man, St. Thomas Aquinas

I recently discovered Aquinas Wines from Napa Valley. The label on the back of the bottles says: “Named for St. Thomas Aquinas {a·kwine·əs}, a revolutionary scholar who used the laws of science to support his belief in the existence of the Almighty.”


Wine, of course, is perfect evidence of God. Another Roman Catholic philosopher, Blaise Pascal, once wrote, “If you do not drink any wine, you will never find the truth.” But then he added, “If you drink too much wine, you will also never find the truth.”


-Colin Foote Burch

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