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Bahamas postcard: Christ Church Cathedral

From my Aug. 4, 2018, visit to Nassau, Bahamas.

St John the Evangelist, Waterloo, Diocese of Southwark

1-2015-11-20_10-35-055It was a perfect moment near sunset on a November 2015 afternoon. Hardly a stone’s throw from Waterloo Station in London, St John the Evangelist Church stands with its steeple in the lowering sun as traffic carries on below. The church is part of the Diocese of Southwark in the Church of England.

The griffins of San Marco Basilica

Griffin at San Marco Basilica, Venezia, Italy -- Venice

A griffin on the exterior of Basilica di San Marco in Venice, Italy, October 2014

Photography of a griffin on the exterior of San Marco Basilica in Venezia, Italy -- Venice, Italy

A companion griffin at Basilica di San Marco, Venice, Italy, October 2014

Learn more about Saint Mark’s Basilica here.

Architecture and engineering at the 9-11 Museum

When I visited the 9-11 Museum about two weeks ago, I had a hard time reconciling two competing emotions. I was fascinated by the architectural and engineering feats I could see, yet I was only seeing evidence of those feats because of a horrific attack. The horror of that day is well represented, as are the heroes living and dead.


The last beam removed from the World Trade Center site is the attraction in this section of the museum’s main level. From an architectural and engineering standpoint, however, the far wall is more interesting. Called the slurry wall, it was the answer to the problem posed by setting a massive foundation so close to the Hudson River. Workers dug a massive trench which was filled with clay and water, or slurry. The slurry stabilized the trench, allowing the workers to pump in concrete. The heavier concrete filled the trench from the bottom and displaced the slurry, according to museum signage. Once the concrete solidified, cables were pushed through the wall and anchored in bedrock.


South Tower grillage. The museum’s signage described the grillage as a way to distribute the weight of the tower’s columns.


Another view of the South Tower grillage.




A commemorative keyring given to WTC workers upon the completion of the towers. The antenna on the North Tower was added later — because the size of the towers interfered with signals from local television stations.

Part of the North Tower antenna at the 9-11 Museum

Part of the North Tower antenna, recovered at the site.


Inside Saint Peter’s Basilica, October 2014

Updated to correct the photo and add another.

Photo taken inside Saint Peter's Basilica, October 2014. Photography by Colin Foote Burch for the Public Work blog, https://liturgical.wordpress.com.

Photo of the side of the altar area, inside Saint Peter's Basilica, October 2014. Photography by Colin Foote Burch for the Public Work blog, https://liturgical.wordpress.com. Travel. Italy. Vatican City. Rome.

Minerva or Victory, marble, 1st Century


A pilaster statue of Minerva or Victory in a museum at Ostia Antica, Italy, October 2014.

Update, Feb. 6: I find this interesting because it looks so much like an angel from Christian art.


Inside the Roman Coliseum, October 2014