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‘Eternity’ recurs in Simic’s ‘That Little Something’

That Little Something: Poems, the new collection by Pulitzer-winner Charles Simic, carries numerous religious images and references.

Even Cotton Mather makes an appearance.

Simic returns to the word eternity several times in the first three parts of the book; then Part Four is devoted to several short pieces under the title “Eternities;” plus the concluding “Eternity’s Orphans.”

In Part Three, the poem “Metaphysics Anonymous” begins:

A storefront mission in a slum
Where we come together at night
To confess our lifelong addiction
To truth beyond appearances,
Of which there are clues everywhere,
Or so we tell ourselves.

‘The Language of God’ still selling

This coming Sunday, Dr. Francis S. Collins’ The Language of God (Free Press) will appear at No. 21 on the New York Times Paperback Nonfiction Bestseller list. It was released in 2006. Safe to say people are still reading it.

Thanks be to God.

This is a needed book in our time.  Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, explains his Christian faith as well as the reasonableness of evolutionary science. The Language of God is one of those books that can stand in the gap of our culture war.

The New York Times, however, has failed to give it more than a brief, if encouraging, review (viewing the review online requires a paid membership; if you’re signed up, click here).

Review of ‘Praying with Beads’

We’ve published a review of Praying with Beads: Daily Prayers for the Christian Calendar (Eerdmans) by Nan Lewis Doerr and Virginia Stem Owens.

Read the review at http://www.liturgicalcredo.com/BookReviewPrayingWithBeads.html . If you’re interested in purchasing the book, please use the link that appears beside the review.

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