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‘Secular Liturgies and the Prospects for a Post-Secular Age’

(Media-Newswire.com) – FAIRFIELD, Conn.—Sacred Heart University will host an informative public lecture on Thursday, November 13th, in the University’s Faculty Lounge. Dr. James K.A. Smith will explore “Secular Liturgies and the Prospects for a Post-Secular Age” at 3 P.M.

Dr. Smith is an associate professor of Philosophy at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, a respected author and public lecturer who will be on campus for two days to discuss issues related to the Catholic intellectual tradition and higher education.

Although we live in an age that is routinely described as secular, two phenomena strongly argue against that assertion, Dr. Smith believes: the resurgence of religious concerns in the public forum and the powerful sway of public “liturgies,” or formal rituals that shape our lives together.

A native of Ontario, Dr. Smith is a self-defined “Pentecostal Calvinist,” who walks easily in different traditions. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Emmaus Bible College in Iowa, his Master of Philosophy degree from the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, and his doctorate from Villanova. He is a prolific writer whose next book, Thinking in Tongues: Elements of a Pentecostal Worldview, will come out next year.

Dr. Smith’s address is free and open to the public.