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‘Wear Blue & White Friday For Charleston Victims’

From WSPA.com:

On Friday, thousands of people will be wearing blue and white to show support for the Charleston victims and their families. The facebook event for “Blue and White Friday” says it was organized to show that the entire state is united.

In Simpsonville, Extreme Tees has been flooded with orders of blue and white t-shirts.

Bruce Johnson of Extreme Tees says he’s been busy trying to keep up with the demand.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this, my phone lines have melted down, my emails are full, got people lined up 15, 20 deep at the counter trying to order,” Johnson said.

The shirts are being sold at cost for just $5.00 – with donations going to Charleston to the families of the victims.

For “Blue and White Friday” you can wear any t-shirt with those colors or just display a South Carolina flag, tie blue and white ribbons on your car, or even make your Facebook profile picture a South Carolina flag or palmetto.

via Wear Blue & White Friday For Charleston Victims.

Remove the Confederate flag from the S.C. capitol grounds, but realize the limits of what removal will accomplish

For the purposes of a specific point, I’ll draw a loose analogy between the Confederate flag and the Nazi flag.

Germany has long outlawed certain words and symbols — and even gestures.

But that hasn’t changed the reality of ongoing racially motivated violence in Germany, as Amnesty International noted last month.

Here in South Carolina, we should remove the flag from the state capitol grounds because it represents horrific oppression to part of our population, but we shouldn’t assume removing the flag will be a major fix to the problem of racism.

The murderer who killed nine innocent, good people in Charleston’s Emanuel A.M.E. Church last week seems to have been motivated by attitudes and beliefs, not merely by the presence of the Confederate flag on state capitol grounds.

At the same time, it’s worth noting the murderer appropriated the Confederate flag for himself. An image of the flag appeared on a plate on the front of his car, on which he posed for a self-portrait.

A visit to Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston






#StandWithCharleston — Remember the A.M.E. 9



Bishop and several masculine pronouns hook up, thanks to Charleston newspaper

In an otherwise great article about Bishop Charles vonRosenberg (who today confirmed my eldest daughter), the Post and Courier of Charleston, S.C., allowed several third-person-singular-male pronouns to hook-up with Bishop Gene Robinson.

A Charleston reporter forces Bishop Robinson to hook up with several "he"s

You’ve really got to watch who your pronouns refer to. (Also, never end a sentence with a preposition.)

The “he” at the beginning of the second pictured paragraph (above) should have been a reintroduction of vonRosenberg’s name.

Well, if journalists don’t need a good dose of Christian forgiveness, no one does.