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Does your brain make you evil?


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Last night, I started to watch (and recorded for later) the Discovery Channel’s series Curiosity, specifically episode 12, entitled, “How evil are you?”

For this episode, the Discovery Channel picked a fitting host: Eli Roth, the director and producer behind envelope-pushing horror movies Cabin FeverHostel, and Hostel: Part II.

I watched the earlier minutes of the program when Roth interviews a neuroscientist who once researched the brain scans of numerous murderers.

The neuroscientist — Dr. James Fallon of the University of California, Irvine — says each of the violent criminals have similar characteristics in two parts of the brain, one being above the eyes, the other being an area on the side of the brain.

How far do you take these results?

At very least, it seems that problems in two parts of the brain make a person more likely to commit a violent crime. Do these problems undermine an individual’s ability to choose right instead of wrong? Is a person born with these brain problems any more responsible for his condition than someone born with dyslexia?

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