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Freedom of speech, freedom of expression



P.J. O’Rourke on Radio Free Europe

From P.J O’Rourke’s article Radio Free Europe, Freedom of Speech, and Liberty:

Once, during the civil war in Lebanon, I was stopped at a Hezbollah checkpoint by a teenager with an AK-47. When the young man saw my American passport I was subjected, with a gun muzzle in my face, to a twenty minute tirade about “great American satan devil.” I was told that America had caused war, famine, injustice, Zionism, and poverty all over the world. Then, when the boy had finished his rant, he lowered his gun and said, “As soon as I get my Green Card I am going to Dearborn, Michigan, to study dentist school.”

Information is the source of citizenship. Without information no one can even attempt to build a civil society.