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‘House, MD’ closes the season with an example of anger management

Gregory House

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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t yet seen the season finale of House, MD and want to watch it online or on your DVR, this post will probably give away too much.

So, what did you think about how Dr. House expressed his emotions?

First, he finally told Cuddy that he feels “hurt.”

Then, at Wilson’s encouragement, House finally expressed his anger.

But not how Wilson had meant.

After walking up to Cuddy’s residence and seeing her enjoying a dinner with others during what looked like a double date, House returned to his car, kicked Wilson out, and drove his car into Cuddy’s dining room. And then, in a visually anti-climatic, yet psychologically very climatic moment, House pushed his way out of the car, climbed over the rubble, and handed to Cuddy the one thing she had still left at his house: a hairbrush.

This violent, over-the-top gesture made sense. House has been demanding to be accepted as he is for a long time. Wilson and Cuddy have been telling him to acknowledge the feelings he has been masking with Vicodin. Given encouragement and permission to open up and release, House let go, and the anger poured out in a juvenile, bratty statement.

I might imagine Wilson continuing his friendship with House, but there is no way Cuddy will ever speak to House again.

But this cast is too good to break apart. I think one more season is reasonable, don’t you?