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The greased path

Everyone’s a hypocrite because everyone slips on the greased path to the mountaintop of his own ideals. The greater each ideal, the greater each slip.

The irrelevance of opposing a commencement speaker

You know what would be funny? If a group of people aligned with corporation-funded military interventionists got upset about a speech made by someone aligned with a different group of corporation-funded military interventionists! Pretty funny, if you think about. You know, if you actually stopped to think about it. “Hey! That’s not my brand of cola!” Or, “Hey! That’s not my brand of blue jeans!” Or maybe, “I wanted a Whopper, not a Big Mac!” Hard times, I tell you, hard times.

Sexuality, morality, and hypocrisy

Hot button! 

“[S]exual hypocrisy is fairly widespread. That might not be a bad thing; after all, it is said that the man who isn’t a hypocrite has either no sin or no morals. You might argue that if the former is impossible, hypocrisy is preferable to the latter.”

Read the full article by Arthur C. Brooks, visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, here.

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