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Image-Making, Image-Using

“We are far more image-making and image-using creatures than we usually think ourselves to be.” — Richard Niebuhr

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The griffins of San Marco Basilica

Griffin at San Marco Basilica, Venezia, Italy -- Venice

A griffin on the exterior of Basilica di San Marco in Venice, Italy, October 2014

Photography of a griffin on the exterior of San Marco Basilica in Venezia, Italy -- Venice, Italy

A companion griffin at Basilica di San Marco, Venice, Italy, October 2014

Learn more about Saint Mark’s Basilica here.

From The Week magazine: How America Votes

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Wesleyan College professor writes about images of God’s body in works of art

Charles C. Twombly, a Wesleyan college professor and author of the most popular article at LiturgicalCredo.com, has contributed yet another provocative look at iconography and images of God in the context of Western monotheism generally and Christian theology specifically.

Read “To See or Not to See: God’s Body in the Byzantine Picture Controversy.” It includes a link to his previous, highly popular article.