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Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ swing vote on Obamacare will shine light on American thinking

John Roberts will be considered “reasonable” or “wise” or maybe even “maturing” by the Enlightened Ones who supported the Affordable Care Act. Generally speaking, these Enlightened Ones will be the same folks who undoubtedly at some point called him a “right-wing judicial activist.”

Soon, however, without a doubt, Roberts will return to being a “right-wing judicial activist.”

This should not be surprising because it’s incredibly normal and entirely boring.  The basic human attitude, and certainly the current American political attitude, is simplistic and ease to describe: Anyone who shares my point of view is reasonable; anyone who differs from my point of view is an extremist.

Personally, I don’t agree with the high court’s ruling today, but what of it? Very few Americans can imagine that any single one of the Supreme Court justices might have made a genuine decision based upon philosophical traditions and some form of legal heritage. “You’re just a liberal” or “you’re just a conservative” saves a lot of thought.


The court’s ruling today was not on “health care.” It was on the roles and powers of the federal government as relates to mandated health care coverage.