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Mostly pathetic: Texting each other when both are home

On the other hand, when one is downstairs, and the other upstairs in bed, I can see the advantages.

Furthermore, “25% of cell owners in serious relationships say the phone distracts their spouse or partner when they are alone together,” the report says.

Read the report here.

Walking behind my wife in London

… to protest the encroaching new order.

AP: Church of England offers two-for-one combo

From the Associated Press:

LONDON – The Church of England is offering couples a two-for-one service — marriage for them and baptisms for their children.

The church is recognizing the changing reality of British families, it said Thursday. Statistics show that 44 percent of children in Britain are born to unmarried women, and the church’s own research found that one in five couples seeking a church wedding already had children either together or from a previous relationship.

New guidelines sent to the Church of England’s 16,000 parish churches encourage services that combine a wedding with a christening or a service of thanksgiving for the birth of a child.

Some clergy welcomed the latest move, but others argued it undermined Anglican teaching about the sanctity of marriage.

John Broadhurst, Bishop of Fulham, told The Times newspaper that the move was an unfortunate attempt to be trendy.

“It is a pity they have not put in a funeral for grandma as well,” he said.

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