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When a woman is not a ‘woman,’ according to men

This week’s Strange Days column takes on Meet the Press:

Earlier that morning, on Meet the Press, Carly Fiorina patiently tried to explain to two men that abortion isn’t the only issue women care about when it comes to a presidential election.

Fiorina is the former chief executive and chairman of Hewlett-Packard and now the Vice-Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, so she was advocating Mitt Romney for president. 

She was trying to explain to the usually sharp David Gregory, host of Meet the Press, and the famous Tom Friedman, author and columnist for the New York Times, that women vote on issues other than abortion.

Underlying Gregory’s questions and Friedman’s comments was a sexist assumption: “women” and the “women’s vote” equals the “pro-choice vote.” The class of people called “women” were those who are only concerned about reproductive issues — and don’t care about anything else.

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On ‘Meet the Press,’ David Brooks nails the Irene panic in Washington, D.C.

New York Times columnist David Brooks, part of the “Meet the Press” round table, said on this morning’s show, “In Washington, all the lobbyists were stocking up on Pinot Grigio, the panic was so bad.”