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Free podcasts: ‘Narnia & C.S. Lewis: Imagination, Reason, and You’

Signature of CS Lewis.

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I just stumbled upon this. The C.S. Lewis Institute offers four podcasts by Dr. Art Lindsley and Dr. Christopher W. Mitchell in a series entitled Narnia & C.S. Lewis: Imagination, Reason, and You. Significantly, the first lecture is entitled “The Importance of Imagination for C.S. Lewis.”

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iTunes U has theology; get a free education in theology

Got iTunes? Then you’ve got access to a free education in theology.

Go to the iTunes Store and look for the “iTunes Store” menu. At the bottom of that menu (at least on my version), you’ll see the link to “iTunes U.” Click that link and you’ll be amazed at the number of lectures, courses, and seminars available from dozens of universities.

If you’re looking for theological education while running down through the list of schools, the two biggies are Reformed Theological Seminary and Fuller Theological Seminary.

Reformed Theological Seminary has what appears to be a three-semester lecture series in systematic theology, among other interesting courses and lectures.

Fuller has several discussions and panels on iTunes U.

And, if you pop in “theology and literature” into the iTunes Store search box, you’ll be able to navigate to a free, full-length reading of In Tune with the World by the German Thomist (Catholic) philosopher Josef Pieper.

The Pieper reading is technically in the regular podcast section rather than the iTunes U section, but there is plenty to explore in both zones of iTunes. Give it a shot — I’ve been surprised at what’s available.

Granted, all of the above, combined, doesn’t amount to a comprehensize theological education, but the courses, lectures, discussions, and seminars offered are the real deal, not offered merely as podcasts. 

Amazing times for education, to be sure.

Speaking of which, don’t miss our interview with Don W. King about his new book, Hunting the Unicorn: A Critical Biography of Ruth Pitter, which is posted on our home page. King is a C.S. Lewis scholar, and editor of the Christian Scholar’s Review.

-Colin Foote Burch