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A Snaphot of Christianized Nationalism in the U.S., 1916

While there’s no precise analogy between our time and 1916, this newspaper clipping certainly holds some eerily familiar echoes:

From The Devils Lake World and Inter-Ocean, a newspaper in Devils Lake, N.D., June 29, 1916: nationalism It seems strange to sing patriotic songs in a sanctuary built for worshiping God.

But the issue then as now is not so much replacing one thing for another as conflating two unlike things.

Is this why Fox beats CNN & MSNBC in ratings?

This is meant to be descriptive, not prescriptive. However, one could argue that each characteristic mentioned below has its own cable news channel.

“Patriotism is usually stronger than class-hatred, and always stronger than any kind of internationalism.” — George Orwell, in his essay “England Your England”