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Oliver O’Donovan: Resurrection affirms God’s decision that Adam should live

“Because it is a reversal of Adam’s decision to die, the resurrection of Christ is a new affirmation of God’s first decision that Adam should live, an affirmation that goes beyond and transforms the initial gift of life…. From the resurrection we look not only back to the created order which is vindicated but forwards to our eschatological participation in that order.” — Oliver O’Donovan, Resurrection and Moral Order

Waiting for the Eternal Easter Day; glimpsing the eternal while living between the crucifixion and the resurrection

Here’s an excellent take on Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter:

We exist in a Saturday world. Between Friday and Sunday, when the world was still, the tears fresh, the grave sealed—the darkest day past, a brighter morning imminent—but until then … waiting,” writes Brett McCracken in this post.

Sometimes, we have a glimpse of what the Eternal Easter will look like. The late English poet Ruth Pitter once described such a moment to her BBC Radio audience:

“I was sitting in front of a cottage door one day in spring long ago, a few bushes and flowers round me, bird gathering nesting material, trees of the forest at a little distance. A poor place, nothing glamorous about it.

And suddenly, everything assumed a different aspect, its true aspect.

“For a moment it seemed to me that truth appeared in its overwhelming splendor.

“The secret was out, the explanation given, something that had seemed like total freedom, total power, total bliss — good with no bad as its opposite, an absolute that had no opposite.

“This thing, so unlike our feeble nature, had suddenly cut across one’s life and vanished. What is this thing? Is it, could it be, after all, a hint of something more real than this life? A message from reality, perhaps a particle of reality itself?

“If so, no wonder we hunt it so unceasingly, and never stop desiring it and pining for it.”

Professor and C.S. Lewis scholar Don W. King says in an interview about his book on Pitter that her comments are “very, very similar to what Lewis has to say about his own pursuit of joy.”

We live in a Saturday world, indeed, but not without the occasional glimpse of what’s in store for those who accept, by faith, the promise begun at the Resurrection.

-Colin Foote Burch

Recommended reading: Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life

Evidence for the Resurrection from Palestine

Get this — The Palestine Herald-Press has published an article this morning that presents evidence for the Resurrection of Christ.

That’s the Palestine, Texas, newspaper.

Palestine, resurrection — we couldn’t resist.

Read the article here.

Happy Easter.

Os Guinness reminds us that doubt is not the opposite of faith, so we can always say, The Lord is risen; He is risen indeed.