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Let there be language

Regarding the word “phenomenology” —

“Heidegger finds around that word a whole cluster of etymologies, all of them having an internal unity of meaning that brings us to the very center of his thought. The Greek word phainomenon is connected with the word phaos, light, and also with the word apophansis, statement or speech. The sequence of ideas is thus: revelation-light-language. The light is the light of revelation, and language itself is in this light. These may look like mere metaphors, but perhaps they are so only for us, whose understanding is darkened; for early man, at the very dawn of the Greek language, this inner link between light and statement (language) was a simple and profound fact, and it is our sophistication and abstractness that makes it seem to us ‘merely’ metaphorical.” — William Barrett, in his book Irrational Man: A Study in Existential Philosophy



Keep your freedom: how spiritual seekers can avoid some traps

Almost all cult leaders and Christians who manipulate place a high emphasis on being “led by the Lord.”… In the first century those who thought that personal revelation was an authority above Scriptures were called Gnostics…. We must ever guard ourselves against the words and pet phrases that hint of superior spirituality…. When we divide life into snug “spiritual” and “nonspiritual” compartments, we are thinking heretically and may blindly accept a cultic view of life.

— Harold Bussell, in his book By Hook or By Crook: How Cults Lure Christians