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Status is its own mode of self-destruction.

It depends not upon the self’s improvements, nor the soul’s refinements, nor God’s blessings, nor Fortune’s smiles, but upon the variable winds of others’ opinions. Status is tasty and unreliable. Instead, seek selfhood.

The blessing of outsider status and the hope for radical tolerance

One good thing about growing up sheltered and fundamentalist: Having felt so many times like an outsider in college and in jobs, I don’t feel entitled to be surrounded by like-minded people. As a “conscientious objector in the culture war” (Greg Wolfe’s phrase), and as a third-party voter, I don’t feel like I have the special privilege of using coercion and prestige to try to get others either to buckle under my point of view or to leave my country, company, church, community, etc.

Better yet, I’ve had the privilege of finding out that some people who radically disagree with me are actually wonderful, interesting, worthwhile human beings.