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A prediction about which words will be used the most in tonight’s debate

From today’s Strange Days column, a guess about which words will be most used by the candidates in tonight’s presidential debate:








The last four years




Bin Laden (In the context of “dead,” or possibly, “I gave the order to blow off his face.”)





Fair share


The mess I inherited from Bush

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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ — The Occupy Gotham Movement

In “The Dark Knight Rises,” Batman’s nemesis, Bane, purports to give Gotham back to “the people” in the same way that the Bolshevik Revolution gave Russia back to “the people” — with kangaroo courts and steady streams of executions.

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Jesus on bumperstickers

“Jesus Loves You,” it said in large, fancy type. Then it continued in finer print: “but everyone else thinks you’re an asshole.” Read all of this week’s Strange Days column here.

The never-ending tension between freedom and order

This week’s Strange Days column provides unique, recent examples of eroding freedoms and the control freaks that cause the erosion. Read Stone Free!

Better stand up!

A major – and I mean, huge – Australian study found that people who spend 11 hours each day sitting are 40 percent more likely to die during the next three years.

I don’t know about you, but I just stood up.

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Ron Paul wins Coolest Endorsement List

The award for Coolest Endorsement List, however, goes to Ron Paul, who after Tuesday’s primaries in three states has only 66 delegates and a snowball’s chance in Haiti of becoming the Republican nominee.

Who cares? Paul’s libertarian message has drawn the support of freakin’ Snoop Dogg (second only to Chuck Norris), Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, rapper Prodigy, Michelle Branch, and Kelly Clarkson.

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