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‘Subliminal Perception: Just How Fast Is The Brain?’ – Neuroskeptic


Psychologists and neuroscientists are fairly skeptical of any grand or sinister claims for the power of subliminal advertising or propaganda, but on the other hand, many of them use the technique as a research tool.

So what’s the absolute speed limit of the brain? What’s the minimum time that a stimulus needs to appear in order to trigger a measurable brain response?

In a new study, Swiss researchers Holger Sperdin and colleagues say that they’ve detected neural activity in response to images presented for just 250 microseconds – that’s 1/4 of a millisecond, or 1/4000-th of a second.

(via Subliminal Perception: Just How Fast Is The Brain? – Neuroskeptic, a Discover Magazine blog)

So your brain could respond to a stimuli even when you are not conscious of the stimuli.

Should I read a book about my unconscious mind?

In his latest book, “Subliminal,” Leonard Mlodinow, a theoretical physicist who has been developing a nice sideline in popular science writing, shows how the idea of the unconscious has become respectable again over the past couple of decades. This development has been helped by rigorous experimental evidence of the effects of the subconscious and, especially, by real-time brain-scanning technology that allows researchers to examine what is going on in their subjects’ heads.

From a review of Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior, by Leonard Mlodinow, in The Economist, April 28, 2012