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Monday morning students

One arrives without the textbook required for each day of class. 

One arrives without a pen or pencil. 

Other students arrive several minutes late. 

House meme Monday morning students

I’m not this nasty in class. Seriously. Promise.

The problem with the ‘here’s what you need to get right’ approach to feedback

“I don’t know anybody who thinks that feedback conversations work,” says Shelia Heen.

Before you watch Heen’s brief video presentation, I’ll just say it also reminded me of the way some preachers, politicians, and corporate leaders sometimes use the “royal we.”

Here’s a fascinating overview of the difference between learning to give feedback versus learning to receive feedback:

So much depends upon / a drunken text message / sent by a farmer / attempting poetry


Favorite Proverbs, Part One

About 16 years ago, I began a personal list that I called “The Laws of Life: A List-in-Progress of Many Practical and a Few Transcendent Truths.” Several from the Book of Proverbs are on that list.

The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.Proverbs 18:17

At Trinity, we’re spending 22 weeks on the book of Proverbs. Watch the sermons here.

Learning in the pews

Frequently I hear folks teasing Rob and Iain about their long sermons at Trinity.

That teasing has reminded me of sage advice from the political activist Morton Blackwell:

“The mind can absorb no more than the seat can endure.”

Admittedly, this is a problem I encounter when I’m teaching students during hour-and-fifteen-minute class periods. I don’t think Rob or Iain has ever given us an hour-and-fifteen minute sermon, but then I might have fallen asleep, and it only seemed short.

But you have to wonder if there was some hard-won wisdom behind ye olde 15-minute homily. For students, as well as parishioners.

Audio resources for clergy

Mars Hill Audio has a page devoted to resources for clergy. Click here to visit the page.

If you are unfamiliar with Mars Hill Audio, spend some time navigating the Web site. The regular audio journal and Mars Hills’ other recorded projects are very worthwhile.