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Hard times for liberal Muslims in the Middle East

“[R]adical Islamism is a modern philosophy, not just a heap of medieval prejudices. In its sundry versions, it draws on local and religious roots, just as it claims to do. But it also draws on totalitarian inspirations from 20th-century Europe…. 

“In today’s Middle East, the various radical Islamists, basking in their success, paint their liberal rivals and opponents as traitors to Muslim civilization, stooges of crusader or Zionist aggression. And, weirdly enough, all too many intellectuals in the Western countries have lately assented to those preposterous accusations, in a sanitized version suitable for Western consumption….

“Muslim liberals find themselves routinely berated in the highbrow magazines and the universities as deracinated nonentities, alienated from the Muslim world…. as if any writer from a Muslim background who fails to adhere to at least a few anti-imperialist or anti-Zionist tenets of the Islamist doctrine must be incapable of thinking his or her own thoughts.”

— Paul Berman, writing in this commentary in the New York Times

‘Left Behind’ meets its Apocalypse

I do not know much about the man, but I am thrilled to see the release of Hank Hanegraaff’s new book, The Apocalypse Code, which claims to dispatch the pre-tribulation rapture and Christian Zionism of the Left Behind series, Hal Lindsay, John Hagee, and others. If you click the following link and scroll down the page, you’ll see the laundry list of the book’s endorsements from scholars and authors: http://www.equip.org/site/c.muI1LaMNJrE/b.2616277/k.CB28/Apocalypse_Code_Endorsements.htm .

 Some unrelated notes:

If you haven’t read Byron Harris’ essay on ancient creeds or Rhett Iseman Trull’s poem “Counting Miracles at the State Asylum,” be sure to visit http://www.liturgicalcredo.com . You’ll find the links for the two pieces, and more, on the homepage.

Also, book lovers might be interested in reading about the National Book Critics Circle’s “Campaign to Save Book Reviewing.” Several NBCC blog entries have addressed the campaign recently: http://bookcriticscircle.blogspot.com . (Full disclosure: I am a member of the NBCC.)

-Colin Burch