From Christmas to Egypt; Jesus in a strange land

'Rest on the Flight into Egypt' by Luc Olivier Merson

Soon after Jesus was born, he enjoyed staring at the Christmas tree lights, watching football with Joseph, and feasting on leftover turkey and ham.

Not quite.

For one thing, he hadn’t legalized ham at that point.

Secondly, Mary and Jesus soon fled to Egypt, as noted in Matthew 2:13.

Thinking about the above paitning, Richard Beck writes, “I love the poignancy of Mary and baby Jesus in the arms of the Sphinx. It reminds me of the homelessness of the Messiah. How his first memories were those of an immigrant, a displaced person, a stranger in a strange land. God is always showing up in the strangest of places. I doubt, in today’s world, he’d even be speaking English, just like he didn’t speak Latin.”  Read Beck’s full post here.


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